About us

ASCOR was set up in 1990. Since then we have been designing and producing various electronic equipment, maintly antennas and their feeder system. Among our customers there have been various firms both in Russia and abroad, the most known of them being Thomson-CSF.

Our antennas useability:

  • communication systems 1-60 GHz
  • automotive radar 24-76 GHz
  • satellite broadcasting system 10.7-14.5 GHz

Our microstrip antenna arrays will make it possible to overcome all the difficulties in designing antennas for different purposes, such as satellite phase array, mobile communication system and medicine.

The advantages of these antennaы are next:

  • low profile
  • high technical characteristics
  • the possibility of using electronic scanning


Printed antennas - this is a cheap, compact, flexible method of solving technical problems for different systems in which the size and cost are of paramount importance. 

Phased array antennas - passive and active phased array antennas used in modern radio systems for various purposes. Modern methods of design, calibration and measurement characteristics of phased array antennas allow you to perform the entire cycle of development of antennas in minimal time. 

Automotive radar - designed for security warnings in the car, which is triggered when the car is capable itself to react to the situation on the road and in time to brake. 

Marine Radars - Antenna for marine radars are made of high-tech materials and meet all the standards IEC 60529 IPX5, USCG CFR-46 

Surveillance system Antennas - are mounted on buildings and transmit information from sensors to a central alarm station. 

Electronic steering Antennas - the movement of the antenna beam, provides an overview of the space in a given spatial angle. This dish is not only used in communication systems with satellite, but also in the motion control system in large airports. Special role electronically scanned antenna has been playing in the missile defense system (NMD). 

Millimeter Antennas - an example of such antennas is a Cassegrain antenna system with a double reflecting mirrors, the principle of which is borrowed from an optical telescope Cassegrain. 

Conformal Antennas - have the same shape as the surface of emitter

Speed monitoring Radars - used not only in , but also in the machine tool and shipping industry. 



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